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I was raised in the Midwest, and moved to California in 1985 where I met
my husband of 25 years. I owned Ranch and Coast Lifestyle Magazine from
1994-1996. I have raised two college aged daughters while attending to the
Real Estate industry for 21 years. I took a small break from my
Residential Real Estate Career in 2008/2009 to battle Breast Cancer.
Today, I am a vigorous, pro-active 9 year Warrior. My personal strengths
and bravery speak in volumes to how I embrace my life, family and career.
To me there is no difference, because integrity, personal values and a
moral compass are the key attributes to who I am as a woman.

My knowledge is extensive in Residential Real Estate, as well as Marketing,
Market Evaluation and Mortgage Lending. My strengths are communication and
follow through.

As a Listing Agent…

With credulous exposure to design and marketing, I am a leader in my field
when publishing and presenting a new listing. It is my objective to market
an owner’s financial asset to the fullest of its potential. Exhibiting
pride of ownership secures every dollar in your investment. Together, we
will partner with my personal team of stagers and landscapers to minimally
enhance the curb appeal, interior visual and lifestyle that each home
offers. A first impression is a lasting impression with each qualified
buyer that views your home.

As a Buying Agent…

With my knowledge in negotiations and mortgage lending, every buyer must be
prepared to disclose their financial strength when presenting themselves to
a home seller. From a minimal to vast monetary commitment, it is
imperative that I present a qualified buyer within moments of finding their
dream home. My innate negotiating abilities begin by bridging a
relationship with each Listing Associate. A strong working forum between
Realtors is the single most important step when securing a property.
Maintaining worthy and positive correspondence throughout each real estate
transaction results in a Win/Win!

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*Online banking fraud is on the rise. If you receive an email containing
WIRE TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS, please call your escrow officer to verify the
information prior to sending funds!!!*

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