Arabella Homes for Sale

ArabellaOne of Southern California’s newer communities, Carmel Valley hosts some of the largest and loveliest homes in San Diego, California.  A niche community within Carmel Valley called Arabella showcases particularly fine examples of the area’s exceptionally spacious homes. Arabella real estate makes a significant statement in not only spacious, but also architecturally stunning Carmel Valley homes. In fact, architecture portrays a perfect blend of certain California styles, past and present.  Arabella homes for sale often include portrayals in wood, stone and iron to accentuate their details. Most of the detached, two story, single-family homes offer solar powered systems with panels installed on a backyard trellis or integrated into the roof, as well.  The solar powered systems provide incredible energy efficiency and cost savings.

Arabella real estate was built in 2005 by Pardee Homes, one of the builder companies, along with Baldwin Developers responsible for creating and maintaining many of the residential communities in Carmel Valley.  These homes were meant for growing and large families.  They have up to 5 bedrooms and average around 2,500 sq. ft. on roomy lots. Families looking for more space will surely appreciate the Arabella homes for sale.  They will also appreciate the reasonable price ranges.

Arabella homes for sale generate high demand for their exceptional amenities and location in coastal, Carmel Valley.  They attract plenty of attention from families of every size, particularly those with children. They get all the benefits of great schools, beautiful, spacious homes, desirable, modern amenities, together with an abundance of recreational opportunities, nearby parks, restaurants, golf facilities, shopping and San Diego zoos, beaches and more!