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Willie Fijolek

Willie entered the California real estate market in 2007, when he and his wife, Leslie, purchased their home in the Del Mar Highlands. However, his experience with California real estate extends for over 20 years of looking for homes during yearly vacations, so his wife could return to the San Diego.

During college, Willie worked at two radio stations, WILL and WPGU, in Champaign. After working full-time for a year at WILL, he left his job as a production engineer at WILL to attend DePaul University Law School in Chicago. After graduating and passing the Illinois bar, Willie was offered an opportunity to join H.C. Polonitza Trading Co., of La Jolla, CA., as a floor trader/member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

Willie spent many successful years on the CBOE, trading as a market maker, and as a partner in two trading firms; Tradenet LLC and Pyramid Capital LLC. When the electronic revolution made trading easier off floor, he decided it was time to leave the fast and frenzied pits and begin a new chapter as an off floor trader.

Willie continues to trade, using the formulas he has found to be successful, but it is no longer a full time occupation for him. Since he loves getting out, meeting new people and seeing everything San Diego, and the surrounding vicinity has to offer, real estate was a natural transition.

Willie has property in three states; California, Colorado and Illinois and has been renting property since 2007. He has fallen in love with San Diego and the beautiful weather. It is the perfect weather for almost every sport or activity. It is absolutely perfect for road cyclists like him. He has been riding since the mid-80’s, logging thousands of miles, riding with Saybrook Cyclists in Naperville, Illinois and now with Sub 5 in Carmel Valley.



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