His Insightful Advice Was Hugely Helpful

I found a perfect home for my family with Dan. He was very knowledgeable about the area, always gave me a quick response, and the most importantly, he was honest. It’s hard to find a cool, honest realtor who provides a fare opinion (which means both the pros and cons of the property). His  insightful advice was hugely helpful to find/choose the right home. Since he had all the connection in San Diego, it was easy to find a solution whenever we faced major/minor problems. I saw other reviews and also heard that some buyers ask a portion of realtors’ commission due to a harsh economy, but the bottom line for me as a buyer is to find a great home and realtors are the one who provide valuable information based on their expertise, so I think they deserve what they get. He deserved every penny. I had a great experience with him, and definitely recommend this guy. Good luck!